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Minimum electronic order, credit card or paypal $10.00 worth of merchandise Plus Shipping.
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Please note that we do not have a printed catalog for mailing. Our entire Nail Art catalog is online here
at Should you wish a complete listing of our Nail Art products,
our printable order form.  This enables us to keep the quality of our products high and costs down.
Disclaimer: Due to the highly reflective and holographic nature of many of our products, reproducing
exact color swatches is extremely difficult. We have taken every reasonable effort to faithfully
reproduce the essence of each color option. However, there may be a difference between the screen
shots shown here and the actual product delivered to you.
Free      Free      Free
Receive a Free 12 compartment Carousel
with the purchase of any 12 packages of
Nail Art Gems of your choice.
Limit 1 Carousel per order

Nail Art Gems are limited to:
Dots, Square Studs, Teardrop Studs,
Bar Studs, Rhinestones, Mini Glass Hearts,
Faceted Studs, Petals, Studs, Geo Studs
Rhinestone Hearts, Baby Pearls,
Baby Teardrops, Teardrops, Ripples,
Glass Diamonds and Spinners
Offer expires 06-30-15
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